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Start the new day with a good breakfast!

€ 13,50 


We serve a variety of bread: Kaiser buns, pistolets, Waldkorn buns, whole grain buns, casino white and brown, loaf of bread, croissants, chocolat and raisen rolls.

On the cheese and cold cut boards you can find young and matured Dutch cheese, cumin cheese and brie as well as ham, chicken and grill sausage.

Apart from that we serve several hot dishes: boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon and white beans in tomato sauce.

Complemented by conrnflakes and muesli, knäckebröd, chocopasta, marmelade and honey, yoghurt, fruit kwark, fresh fruit salad, fresh fruit, tomato and cucumber.

Of course we serve some typcial Dutch items as well: appelstroop (apple sirup), hagelslag (chocolat sprinkles), pindakaas (peanut butter), ontbijtkoek (Dutch gingerbread) and beschuit (Dutch biscuit rusk).

Enjoy the above with a selection of hot and cold beverages: orange juice, multifruit juice, grapefruit juice or ite tea, milk, hot chocolat milk, tea, and some coffee varieties.


Breakfast will be served:
Monday until Friday from 06:30 - 10:30 and during the weekends and public holidays from 07:00 - 11:00

TIP: As a guest you can book breakfast for only € 10,00 (Only if you book online directly with us)